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Condominium Law Web Sites

ABA Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
American Hotel & Lodging Association Condominium Committee
Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario
A Brief Explanation of Community Associations
Barrowlaw - Legal Solutions for Community Associations - Pennsylvania law firm serving condo & homeowner associations.
Canadian Condominium Institute
Canadian Condominium Institute - South Alberta Chapter
Community Associationas: An Overview
Community Associations Institute - The nation's voice for condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations.

Community Associations Institute Directory of Credentialed Professionals
Community Associations Institute Research Library
Condo Managment Online
Condominium Corner
Condominium Law - Condo Law for all 50 states, D. C., and U.S. territories.
Condominiums and Cooperatives - From the Findlaw Consumer Law Center.
Condominiums, Cooperatives and Home Owners Associations - A review under Florida law.
Costa Rica Condominium Law
Dictionary of Community Association Acronyms - From AAMC to ULI.
Discussion of the Washington DC Condominium Act
Disclosure Awareness under California Law
Facts About Community Associations
Laws Regulating Community Associations
Leaky Condo Site - Canadian law-based.
National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM)
New Developments in Maryland Law Regarding Condominiums
Primer on Duties and Authority of Association Boards - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Purchase of a Condominium Unit - From Diallaw, a service of the Chicago Bar Association.
Questions and answers from Mark Bogen's "Condo Law" column - A huge Q&A list from this Florida lawyer.

PA Condo law - Access Pennsylvania condominium & homeowner association laws.
Silverman & Schild Community Association LawLetter
Statutes for Community Associations
Summaries of Selected Illinois Condominium & Association Court Cases

Condominium Articles & Publications

Abusive Boards: The Fight Against Them - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Assessments: Debts Under Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Attorneys: How to Hire an Association Attorney - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Cable TV Access Easements: Issues and Pitfalls - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Can The Board Deny A Sale Or Rental Based On The Age Of The Children? - By Eric Glazer.
Carefree Condominium Living and the "Illusion" of Home Ownership - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Case Update: Lamden v. La Jolla Shores: Supreme Court Creates New "Deferential Standard"
Challenges for the New Millennium - By Thomas C. Schild, Quorum, Aug. 1999.
A Condominium Association’s Ability To Impose Late Charges - By Gabriella R. Comstock and Charles M. Keough, DCBA Brief, June 2001.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - By Eric Glazer.
Enforcement Actions - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
FCC Rules Regulate Satellite Dishes - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
FCC Satellite Rules: New Rules More Favorable to Associations - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Florida "Baker Act" Protects Residents Of Miami Beach HOA - By Eric Glazer.
The Government's Coming! - By Thomas C. Schild, Common Ground, Jan./Feb. 1997.
Home-Based Businesses in the High Tech Era - By Thomas C. Schild, Quorum, Jan. 1998.
Home Office and Telecommuting--Making Sense of Business Use Restrictions - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.

Legal Check-Up for Condominium Associations - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Maintenance, Repair & Replacement: Drawing Lines of Responsibility Your Way - By David F. Feingold.
Megan's Law: New Jersey Upholds Association Restriction Against Occupancy by Sex Offenders - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Minutes of Board Meetings: Board Needs to Control Them - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Omega Sprinklers: A Replacement Strategy for Planned Developments - By Glenn H. Youngling.
Out With The Old... - By Eric Glazer.
Roofer Falls To His Death At South Florida Condominium - By Eric Glazer.
Rules of Order: Goldberg's Rules of Order for Condominium Association - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Rules of Order: Robert's Rules and Association Meetings - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
Run For The Board? Are You Nuts? - By Eric Glazer.
What is the Difference Between a Condominium, Homeowners’ Association, and a Residential Co-operative? - By Jeffrey A. Goldberg.
When Maintenance Is Not Enough: Construction Defects, Worn Out Sytems and Components, and Other Surprises - By Glenn H. Youngling.
Your Assessments - By Thomas C. Schild and Craig F. Wilson, Jr., Common Ground, March/Apr. 2001.